Sunday Celebration of the Eucharist 11:00 am
Spanish Service with Fr. Romo Sunday at 1:00 pm
Weekday Eucharist is celebrated on Thursdays:
10:00 am at Holy Trinity
12 noon at Redeemer


4/18 Maundy Thursday:

6:00pm at Redeemer | 7:30 at Holy Trinity

4/19 Good Friday:

6:00 pm at Redeemer |7:30 pm at Holy Trinity

4/20 Easter Vigil:

6:00 pm at Redeemer | 8:00 pm at Holy Trinity

Each service will be followed by a Pot Luck of appetizers and beverages

4/21 Easter Sunday:

11:00 am at Redeemer | 9:00 am at Holy Trinity

Each service will be followed by an Easter Egg Hunt


  • A new year for Common Ground - Spring is nipping at our toes and it is time to wake up our beds! There is much to celebrate and much more to do. Our adopt-a-bed initiative is progressing nicely. If you would like a bed please email Barbara Wasilausky at and we'll get your name on a bed! Likewise - if you would like to work with someone else let us know and we'll pair you up with another gardener.

    We are planning work days on March 29 & 30, April 5 & 6th from 11 am - 2 pm. On these days we will be doing a general cleanup, spreading topsoil and manure, taking stock, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Tending For Loss - A 4-part discussion series on Death & Dying with Meaning - Monday @ 6:00 pm April 8 and May 13th at Holy Trinity Church, Greenport

  • Lectio Divinia - Finding Stillness In Love. Meditation Class- lead by Darren Mignone. Monday’s at 5:30 pm. Followed by Gentle Yoga Class.